Sameer is an ordinary guy living with his family at the border. Later, Paakhi calls Anshuman, and learns that he had lied about his business trip. By Indian Trade Portal views. Learn about these food items that can help you get healthy skin. News24,Dec -MK Connect with me, share your thoughts: On the way to the court, Paakhi finds a clue, and believes that she has found out the password of Anshuman’s bank account. Anshuman surprises Paakhi by agreeing to celebrate Gangaur with her.

In episode 67 of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 11th February , Paakhi informs Anshuman that she has decided to leave him Paakhi lies to her brother and sister-in-law about her wellbeing. Tanya reveals the truth about her relationship with Anshuman to Paakhi. Will Tanya succeed in completing Paakhi’s task? Sanjay Dhupa Mishra Music: Also, Visit – https: Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Tanya becomes furious at Ayaan, and tries to slap him. Rohan asks his cohelper Saras to find an Indian Male co helper soon.

Ep 69 Anshuman becomes shocked on learning about Paakhi. To know more, keep watching Tumhari Paakhi His life is aimless and he is full of life and enthusiasm.

Lajjo dreams of celebrating the holi with Nikhil. Lavanya learns that Paakhi has returned to Anshuman’s house.


The misadventures of two families who are forced to live in the same house as tenants after being conned by their estate agent. It offers greater insight for influencers and the deeper consumer of news.


We hope to be the same. Paakhi is waiting for an answer for 18 years! Paakhi and Deepika plan to find Anuja’s children.

Tumhari Paakhi – 19th February 2014 : Ep 73

By Harry views. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. All Shows of Life Ok. Lajjo is recovering now. Later, on seeing Paakhi, Anshuman puts the ring in Paakhi’s finger.

Anshuman finds Paakhi’s medical report, and learns that she is pregnant. Paakhi learns that Anshuman is staying in a hotel in Shimla.

He spends his days playing pranks and irritating his Bebe. Will Paakhi and Anshuman clear the misunderstanding between them? By Bollywood Bubble views. She becomes upset as she cannot bear Girish’s child, but he convinces her not to worry. Anshuman learns that Paakhi had got herself humiliated, deliberately, to save him. Jain Yastimadhu Powder, g Pack of 2 https: Then something happened by which he got the ability to hit the target with utmost accuracy and he changed a lot.

We will be knowing in the coming days whether Paakhi survived the fall. Everyone is angry on Nikhil for calling off the engagement with Ishaana. Anshuman vents his anger on Paakhi on thinking about Ayaan. As Tau ji loves Simran a lot and he blindly trusts her, he does not doubt on her. The sweetness from the peach liqueur combined with the tartness from the cranberry juice makes for a refreshing beverage. Rana angry on Anshuman and he decided to take Tanya back with him.


Rana was ashamed seeing them.

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Plyer becomes happy on learning that Ayaan has won a gold medal. What has Anshuman planned for Paakhi? Tumhari Paakhi – 6th February By Chennai Channel views. His time passes without any motive and Sameer loves his life this way. Stay tuned for all the breaking news in Hindi! By Bollywood Bubble views. This is the Link: Nikhil talks to Lajjo on phone. The show is a star-crossed love story presenting an interesting contrast of personalities entwined Three women living in the city of Mumbai become friends while commuting in a local train meant only for ladies.

My reply on question asked by Hon’ble MP Prof. Anshuman learns about the same. Rohan warns Anshuman to stay away from Paakhi, but he retaliates. By Pragya TV views.


Will Anshuman enquire Paakhi about the same? Lavanya disgraces Paakhi in front of the press. Starting from 11th November Mon-Fri at 9. After Rancho told him that Lajjo loved him and she left him for his happiness, Nikhil is feeling guilty for letting her down and not respecting her feelings for him.

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