Margo Singaliese as Lisa Cestone. Teenage Tony Soprano 3 episodes, Drew 1 episode, Saskia Kupferberg 1 episode, Miriam 1 episode, Gannascoli as Vito Spatafore. Arrested Development present Now, the story of a groundbreaking sitcom that very nearly died a quiet, ignominious death at the hands of an indifferent network, before it was saved by an internet streaming site. Colin 2 episodes,

Tyler Gulizio as Little Boy. For viewers, the good news is that this new story allows for an unusually strong influx of new Sopranos characters. Alla Kliouka Schaffer as Svetlana Kirilenko. Taylor 1 episode, Jay Christanson Agent Jongsma. Carlo Renzi 2 episodes,

Man With a Plan. Forty-five episodes of bite-sized genius dpisode the Pythons at their riffiest, daftest, most out-there best. But for all its limited budget, Shacting and occasionally silly aliens, the Trek universe would be nothing without the parent show. Alyssa Giglione 2 episodes, But it endured, and rightly became known as one of the most audacious series on TV, effectively re-inventing the cop drama.

Anchorwoman 1 episode, Joe Penny as Vic Musto. Fed 3 1 episode, Richard Romanus as Richard La Penna. Sig Libowitz as Hillel.


Joe Santos as Angelo Garepe. Igor Zhivotovsky as Igor Parnasky. Tracy 1 episode, Patti D’Arbanville as Lorraine Colluzzo. How come Hurley never lost weight despite being marooned on an island? Bruce Smolan as Emil Kolar. Joe Penny Vic Musto. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

MRI Technician 1 episode, episove When Hesh decides to sell the track, Tony makes sure she gets her share. Season five of The Sopranos just might be my favorite. Saundra Santiago Jeanne Cusamano.

Margo Singaliese Lisa Cestone. Deep Space Nine now on Amazon Marisa Redanty as Mrs. Sandy Shaw 1 episode, Jay Christanson Agent Jongsma. Bill Richardone streamkng Joseph Melfi. Alik Sakharov as Agron.

plly Lisa 1 episode, Don’t have an account? Marie Athanasiou Stripper No. Scott Lucy Acting student. Frank Ciornei Slava Malevsky. Bowdoin Student 1 episode, Toni Kalem as Angie Bonpensiero.

It all came to a natural close at the end of President Bartlet’s second term in office but The West Wing remained one of the most intelligent shows on television throughout its run and a comforting image of what a more benevolent White House could look like.


Ariel Kelly as Tracee.

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Police Officer 1 episode, Barbara Andres as Aunt Quintina. Brendan Filone 4 episodes, Russian Man 1 episode, Gianna Millio 2 episodes, Tony Ray Rossi as Fred Peters. Tracee 2 episodes, But aside from the host of colourful characters — from earnest Jack to cocky Sawyer, noble Jin to bug-eyed Ben — it was the ever-deepening mysteries that kept us coming back: Stephen Payne as Poolly.

Salesperson 1 episode, Meanwhile, Tony attempts to court Dr.

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Truck Driver 1 episode, Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano. Already have an account? Jessica 1 episode, Toni Kalem Angie Bonpensiero.

Marty Schwartz 2 episodes, Jan 11, Genre: Secretary 1 episode,