This deck doesn’t require that many skills as Rogue and Freeze Mage, hence is very suitable for players who just started Hearthstone. I run a different varient of a secret aggro mage and it works extremely well against everything but odd paladin and shaman due to board flood and healing rain. Paladin’s hero power makes attrition battles favored for the Paladin player, allowing the deck to out-value most control decks. March 3, at 5: Will you make bombs? In the meantime try a game where you like more than one aspect of it for play i. Things like Freeze Mage and Paladin are very popular, and would really beat Handlock very often no matter how the deck is built. February 12, at 4:

Views View Edit Edit source History. We’ve been invaded by Paladins Instead, the creation of the set began with a desire to base an expansion around science and “giant robots punching each other”. And they don’t necessarily affect Rogue’s win rate against aggro, since early game decides those matchups. August 31, at 1: February 4, at 8: I recently got past round 20 and went on to win against a Control Warlock with my Spell Hunter. May I suggest trying out Cube Warlock?

The Finja hearthstoneultga suits this deck really well, with the potential of Innervating out Finja on turns The meta is always super aggressive at the beginning of expansions. Boom as a central character.

Its def one of the beat decks in the meta rn. In the late game, N’Zoth Priest aims to drown down N’Zoth the Corruptor in hopes to close out the game as soon as possible with even more cards generated from it. Face Hunter is the lowest-curving deck in the game, using efficient 1-drops, Charge minions, and a reloadable weapon along hearthstoneulta burn to kill its opponent as fast as possible. April 10, at 9: The late game plan of the deck is usually to play Ancestral Spirit on a threat and copying the minion with Faceless Manipulator, which copies it exactly and makes two things that are extremely hard to deal with.


This is an ultimate bullshit.

Losing Conceal in Standard has nerfed Miracle Rogue’s highrolling playstyle and forced her to fight for board. The Year of the Raven Soars Ahead. Ike was able to climb to 1 Legend on the North American server with a record on April 19 with the “versus control” techs in the deckand quite a few people have used similar lists to climb out of the dumpster ranks. Do you think the meta resolves over night?

April 27, at 1: The main reason behind the fall of Dragon Priest is the increase in aggressive variants of Murloc Paladin.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February 2019)

October 22, at Its taunts provide a fatigue-style win condition against aggro decks. Murloc Paladin and Taunt Warrior can both be very punishing if they get ahead of you. Hope some of this helped! Quest Rogue wwrrior the pace of the Un’Goro meta.

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No problem, thanks for pointing it out! I like the deck idea, but to what extent is it a tier 1?


Odd Warrior While the Quest version of Odd Warrior seems to be slightly better in the current meta, the regular version, which plays almost like an old-school Control Warrior, still has something to say.

Control warlock lower tier than evolve shaman?

Update: Senfglas’ Season 23 Dreadsteed Demonlock

Control Mage is a deck that has a somewhat flexible game plan — it can start with an aggressive Mana Wyrm seaspn and finish the opponent down with burn, or play a more value-centric game with cards like Medivh, the Guardian.

April 10, at 6: I assume the same applies vs decks like Anyfin.

Jade Druid is also slowly returning to its status as the hearthstoneyltra to be playing if you want to counter the slower decks of the format; it takes a steep and dramatic climb this week, moving from the bottom of Tier 4 to the upper-middle of Tier 2.

Announcing The Boomsday Project.

Instead of being crybabies, put some effort into the game and stop babbling arround. May 1, at 8: I reached Rank 2 but I stuck between usually. April 22, at 1: August 19, heartthstoneultra 3: You have to add Dinosize to the even paladin deck list, its absolutely insane as a finishet if you are playing against a slow deck as cube for example. May 22, at