Kuroko no Basuke Marriage Prospects by akashichin reviews A guide to get your bishie of choice because they’re single and hot Or end up in the same tragic end. His life never had never been more perfect. His dull life was turned upside down on one faithful day; he was taken by five notorious people known for kidnapping rich people’s sons and daughters and asks for a huge ransom. Four Parts, And A Fifth by thousandmonkeys reviews Dully, he wondered if it was meant to be him on the other side. January 30, azar azmi azara azmi drama jumlah episode nazrief nazri para pelakon plan cinta redza rosli sinopsis slot iris TV3. Not until he saw something, someone whose pieces fit his. Iya, takdir yang mempertemukannya dengan sosok merah yang begitu memukau dimatanya.

List with snippets attached. Kuroko no Basuke Marriage Prospects by akashichin reviews A guide to get your bishie of choice because they’re single and hot Set after the Winter Cup. But Bon doesn’t know. How was he suppose to get anything done if they kept kissing when they were suppose to be fighting? But rumors about that phantom boy in the old Music Room lured him in only to meet an extraordinary young pianist. Be prepared for adventured, romance and weirdly twisted historical events. In the swirling maelstrom of pain and destruction, a dying Fried must somehow find the strength to carry on, and take everyone home.

Angel, Satan, Rin O. Freed, he’s losing everything. Yuuei Coffee Shop by asb reviews In which a reporter enters a quaint little coffee shop and interviews an arrogant regular. Ketika kita bersama pun, selalu akan ada ‘sesuatu’.

Skylarks by Ourliazo reviews The Hibari clan is large and widespread, soaring on wings gou unimaginable power.

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One man broke for the final time while the other finally started breaking down. Gestur Sederhana by Bekantan Hijau Tidak perlu berkata-kata lantang, tidak perlu mendendangkan nyanyian lembut pengantar tidur, tidak juga bisikan manis bak adagio untuk mengungkapkan rasa sayang.


Seharusnya dia yang dikejar. Family by Akirafanatic reviews Miyuki and Kuramochi are the parents. Reborn takes his zombies on walks during the apocalypse. Belum lagi ditambah dengan ayah brrgetar yang ganteng pake banget. He couldn’t imagine why. Flip Side by Serendipital reviews Law has a few skeletons in his closet, and when the door is opened, they come tumbling out.

With bullies and hateful glances around, Izaya’s school life doesn’t look peachy. Their travel to the Tevinter Imperium and what Hawke is willing to do place pressure on their relationship. Law, Corazon – Complete. Credits to YAMpopo Tumblr for the cover image. T – Indonesian – Friendship – Chapters: Seorang paparazzi pun terpaksa ylu karena kesalahan terbesarnya.

But then someone he cared for threw a real curve-ball. Adventure In Blue Skies by PrincessxXxSky reviews Setelah Kagami dan Kuroko kehilangan Magic ship mereka, mereka mendengar berita ada pesawat arrogat legenda benua yang menghilang datang ke kota mereka.

Bergehar bagi beberapa orang, di balik horrornya ujian akhir semester tersebut, ada juga keuntungan yang dapat mereka tarik darinya, yaitu bisa dekat dengan senpai idaman. That seemed innocent enough, but they were Vongola.

No matter, they were of no interest to him. Psycho-like by eileithyiakudo reviews Akashi menyanyikan lagu Potong Bebek Angsa. As always with my Christmas Specials the title is in Swedish while the fic is in English.

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Yet he flutters everywhere, like he doesn’t know episoce slightest wind could destroy his wings, and that there is a spider web in the corner. Demon Wielders by Origami Scrawls reviews Born in a family of renowned demon wielders means that he was expected to be an exceptional one.


Chaos ensues during a basketball practice match with Kaijou. Going back to his family, how will his lover react, and what will the future bring? Burning Feathers by BlushingNinja reviews Kagami Taiga is a mortal firefighter who gets caught up in the complex world of angels.

Set in 7YL universe. Fangirl 0w0v reviews Ever since his mother’s death, Young Seijuurou has noticed his father keeping a distance from him. Light turned to dark, life to death, magic to poison.

Spesial by Jeruk reviews Karena Bakugou tidak suka ketika ada orang lain yang kepaala Kacchan. While trying to apply for college, he receives an unexpected offer from a man who is much more than what appearances would lead one to believe. Welcome to the Madness by Lala-chan ssu reviews Enak gak sih direbutin sama cowok ganteng?

Mereka mengambil Akashi tepat di depan matanya. Open to more suggestions for more 10 Reasons Why And to survive, he either has to gain the title of His Majesty’s favourite, or live the rest of his life away in abandonment. Give him the ability to love and pray that it’s enough as you raise him to kill you?

Baked to Perfection by Wild Rhov reviews Freed ruined a cake he had hoped to make to celebrate Laxus’ return. One man grew strong while the other grew attached. His Other Side by Mademoiselle Z reviews.: Ia menderita karena mencintai sosok yang terlihat ‘sama’ AkaKuro! Sekuel dari One Day in Spring.