You may express your opinion, but do so in a respectful way. GoGoV 10 and 11 will be reuploaded as well? Not by us though, sadly. Been a while since GoGoV ep9 was released. I left this message on Nyaa and got a reply from somebody else who expanded upon this. We will upload them to packupload as soon as we can! Here is the update on it https: If someone would be willing to make them for us, when release, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cos you guys need translators. You are commenting using your WordPress. How are you going with subbing it? Episodes , Episode 28 , Episode Log in or sign up in seconds. Doron changeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer… yes… thkx kira. Would it be possible to get the Bouken history videos reuploaded?

Video Free: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 28 Subtitle Indonesia

Any chance for some new mp4 links for episodes 2 and 3 of Kakuranger? I wish to download all these subbed series especially Ultraman and Super Sentai Seriesbut since my country banned Megaupload. We would have to sub that to upload it.

CRC does not match: Came out of nowhere. Definitely check out their subs! Our GoGo and Kaku translator is busy. We are currently looking for another means of providing these to you all. They should be used when something is not beneficial to the community or is breaking the rules.

  LEGO MOVIE 85260

I know lots of links have to fpisode replaced. Driveforce Advenger Debut Premiere Announcement. No spoilers are allowed in submission epusode. Email required Address never made public. Don Dogoier Friend is timer.

Thanks soooooo much for the Jack subtitles! My issue with Dairanger is the villain character costume design.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Episode 28 English Subbed – A Super Big Figure Coming to Japan!!

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger MKV episode 2 and 3 links are not working and please say this is going to be continued this is one of my fave Sentai serise? New to Super Sentai? I know other sites download makuranger subs and reupload them sadlyso you could look there. This site uses cookies.

Submit a new text post. Don’t be a jerk. Dairanger has a lot of character based driven episodes.

288 I really gotta learn japanese lol. Most non-current seasons are bundled into packages. Was going to download those two from Evolution but the files were removed from the deposit links when DDL. They will be reuploaded in January, and yes, it will continue in January. I was going to batch them and add ep 3, might not if people just want the links replaced, though.


Cause multiupload and megaupload is down. I would like to suggests Multiupload. Less translators in the fandom at this point, but with the rise of people wanting to learn the language, we can easily have translators come in within the next few years. It’s not kakurnger their stories are told in sequential kakyranger. Well, if so, then u r sorry! If someone would be willing to make them for us, when release, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a question about Turboranger…. Important Information Downvotes are not to be used if you don’t agree with something.

The Sentai and Anime Trading Post

I really would love to see this show subbed! This rule does not apply to discussion threads for the most current episode. Not rushing or anything!!! Torrents and some direct downloads. I mean, we may just have more next week or 2 weeks, whatever: I posted under the wrong comment.

I seriously hope that someone subs them in the near future.

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