Scott Drew has done a nice job with this team: Since then, the Crimson quietly dominated the Ivy League — finishing first or second in nearly every relevant statistical category — and ranked 33rd in adjusted efficiency by the end of the season. Nik Stauskas might be more productive than Trey Burke was last season. Between good and great: Packed with everything you need to know about every team in the field. Kansas was never going to come off the lock line, but after three straight disconcerting losses — including the infamous Topeka YMCA-level disaster at TCU — it was comforting to see the Jayhawks wallop a really good team like K-State. Notre Dame [ , RPI: It’s the only sub loss of the season, and in fact the only sub RPI loss to date.

We worry that a low-pace, low-scoring game might burn the Cavs earlier than they deserve, but that’s the only concern we could come up with. Napier is that good now. His best player, guard P. Georgetown’s Midnight Madness event was “lit” and for the fans and recruits, but it also showed us a bit of what the Hoyas are working with. In the bubble picture, wins are wins. Eamonn Brennan Feb 13 Comments. Maybe even a favorite.

By which I mean: It’s the only sub loss of the season, and in fact the only sub RPI loss to date. One of the best offensive players in the history of the game eclipsing 3, career points, each performance more memorable than the last.

The only thing preventing me from locking in the Hoyas is that bad nonconference SOS Montgomery picks Kentucky d Paul Biancardi. It’s hard to gauge exactly how much better this team is since that disappointing November and December, because most of C-USA is downright putrid. You never know which team is going to show up or for how long.

That feels forever ago now. They’re a great defensive team with an offense watfh can let them down, and thus far their work in Big 12 play shows it. Because their numbers are pretty much as good as it gets — top RPI, top-five schedule Tubby Smith almost entirely avoided cupcakesNo.


Teams don’t have bjbble time left to get positioned. The Wildcats are so good defensively they can have one glaring flaw and still be one of the elite-elite tournament favorites in field full of great teams. The only other changes below are the respective removals of BYU which lost to San Diego eamonnn San Francisco and hasn’t beaten anyone and Southern Miss which, after losing at home to Memphis, has very little going for it.

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Illinois [RPI: Has a friend ever talked you into, say, taking a casual morning bike ride to a coffee shop in Denver? It’s not there yet, but this is definitely a resume worth watching — especially with rbennan sparkling record against the RPI top Another top team demolished, Virginia looks like college hoops’ best.

Baylor [RPI: Did anyone really brennnan them to win? The vast majority of them can approach the final week of the regular season Without further ado, here’s your second edition of the Watch. It was a good Saturday to be at the Dunkin Donuts Center.

I have one big bugaboo wagch these Bubble Watch parts: Villanova’s mix of good wins, so-so numbers and strange losses put them about as squarely on the bubble as you can be.

Checking out all 68 teams in the field

Because there’s no reason to think of Wichita State as anything but a national title favorite and no way to greet them but with appreciation, gratitude and awe.

Whatever UCLA fans thought about the Steve Alford hire — not to mention the crazy buyout structure that will keep him at the school until the end of time emonn there’s no arguing with the results of his first season in Westwood.

Eli Carter and Will Yeguete were recovering from injury. Sure, against the top isn’t much, but a win at Arizona is at least for now a real-deal marquee notch. No bad losses, a record away from home, a nice collection of top wins, etc. The committee will surely be watching. Arizona’s defense has been the nation’s best all season, but UCLA had little issue getting buckets and the only area of the arena more crowded than the scouts’ table was the line for the Adams bandwagon.


It should be crowded. A half-cut net dangled haphazardly above his head.

But until the Orange find their scoring touch, who knows? That’s because some kid named Andrew Wiggins is still on the team.

A first look at every team in the NCAA tournament field

Every year it invites various media members to participate in a mock bracket exercise, which is one part education and one part simulation, and is no less nerdy than your average “Dungeons and Dragons” game. But Mark Few wields a top defense that allows opponents to shoot just 43 percent inside the arc and has plenty of scoring on the opposite end. Still, there are some teams that we’d love to know how they fit in said bracket.

Dana Altman’s team still doesn’t play much defense, which bodes ill for single-elimination play, but the offensive talent is super-enticing. The computer numbers aren’t great, the Falcons have lost a lot more than they’ve won against good teams, and two wtch losses this week didn’t help.

We know what the NCAA tournament selection committee is, we know what it does, we know whom it comprises. No matter the seed or the odds, Villanova refuses to change.